If you’re into Cosplay, chances are you’ve at least thought about how awesome it would be to change your eye color from the standard blue or green to a striking blue or green. Or maybe to red or a swirly bubblegum pink. The cool part is, this is entirely possible with colored contact lenses. But is it safe? What all should you know about colored contacts before adding it to your collection of Cosplaying secrets for later projects? Today, we’re bringing you an ultimate guide to colored contact lenses so that you can bring a little more spice to your next build. Enjoy!

“What’s So Great About Colored Contact Lenses?”

Decorative contact lenses can drastically change the look of your eyes. They can temporarily change your green eyes to blue, or make your eyes look like cat eyes or vampire eyes for whatever Cosplay build you have in mind and can’t wait to show off. They can be fun, but you always need to keep the dangers in mind as well and take the necessary precautions to avoid any eye problems or emergencies later on.

“How Do I Get Colored Contact Lenses?”

Unfortunately, nobody can just walk into a store or find a vender for colored contact lenses online and purchase them. Colored contact lenses come in different diameters, base curves, and powers. Most lenses used for medical purposes of vision correction are around the 14.00-14.50mm diameter size, but colored and costume lenses can range anywhere from 14.00mm to 16.00mm. The larger lenses will make your eyes look bigger and more doll like, but it is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE that they sit comfortably on your eyes without irritating them. Base curves generally range from 8.3-8.7. And remember: only your optometrist can get you properly fitted for colored contact lenses. If you see an ad that says “No eye appointment necessary” the sale of those contacts is illegal. Contacts are medical devices. Since nobody can undo damage done to their eyes and we only have one pair, it’s very important that we take care of them responsibly and follow necessary precautions. So anytime you’re wondering whether colored contact lenses are right for you, talk to your optometrist and they’ll help you find a product that’s perfect for your eyes.

Wearing Your Colored Contacts

Putting contact lenses in the first few times can be extremely stressful for newbies, so we suggest wearing them, putting them in and taking them out colored cosmetic contact lenses for costume cosplayseveral times before it’s absolutely necessary to wear them for more than a couple hours.

The insertion of colored contact lenses is difficult because your eyes will naturally want to blink and close to defend themselves from foreign objects that could cause harm. Of course, when you’ve purchased your colored contact lenses under the careful supervision of a medical professional, you won’t be presenting your eyes with anything very dangerous, but unfortunately, we can’t tell our eyes that. A good technique you may use for insertion and removal is to place the lens on your right index finger, then pull the lower lid down with your right middle finger and hold the top lid up with the side of your left index finger. You can simply place your lenses directly onto your pupil,  or place the lens below the pupil, then very carefully close the eye and blink to slide the lens into their proper alignment over your pupil. It’s mostly just a matter of how you decide to make it work. To remove your colored contacts, you can apply pressure to the lens and slide it either to the inner eye or under the pupil to shift it off the eye and remove it with your clean hands. ALWAYS wash your hands before and after insertion and removal. You can check out a visual tutorial for insertion and removal here.

All About Prep, Cleaning and Storage

When it comes to your colored contact lenses, you can never be too careful. Before you put a lens in your eye, check for dirt, tears, and orientation. You should also rinse them with saline solution or a multipurpose solution to help keep them clean and keep them from drying out. You can clean them with a daily cleaner, but don’t under any circumstances use tap water or put a lens in your eye directly after cleaning it. You need to rinse them again with saline or multipurpose solution. If you aren’t sure what exactly you have, the best way to go about finding out is reading the box, of course!

ALWAYS run an inspection on your lenses BEFORE putting them in your eyes. Check the edges of your colored contacts carefully for tears. If your lens does end up with a tear, you’ll have to toss it. It’s sad, but even small tears in your contact lenses can be extremely painful and in some cases, even cause damage to your eyes.

You’ll also want to check to make sure the lens is right side out. Not sure what the difference is? Flip it both ways and set it on your finger tip to give it a thorough inspection. If it looks like a perfectly curved bowl, It’s right side out and ready to go. If it appears to be a bowl with a lip, they’re inside out. It can be easier with colored costume lenses, because you can usually tell by which side of the lens is colored.

When you take out the lenses after you’re finished for the day and ready to sleep, or just when you decide you’re ready to be free of them for awhile, you should rinse and rub them with cleaning or multipurpose solution to remove any and all debris that built up while you were wearing them. Before removal, though, go ahead and fill your lens case with fresh solution so that upon removal you can place the lens inside, facing down. Make sure your lens is fully submerged. Otherwise, it can dry out and you won’t be able to wear it again.

If you don’t wear your lenses regularly, It’s very important to regularly check on them and make sure there is still solution in the container keeping them hydrated. Depending on how well you care for them, it is possible to make them last a year, but with frequent use, this isn’t a very attainable dream.

Just like all contact lenses, there are risks to wearing them. Things like blurred vision, infection and allergic reactions are a few of the things that might occur when you wear colored contacts. But this is also why it is of the utmost importance that you visit an eye specialist and make sure you’re giving your eyes the proper attention. Don’t fall for cheap scams that wreck your vision and cause nasty and expensive problems later.

Overall, have fun with your colored contacts. Some people can only dream of changing their eye color for the day. And with proper care and love, your colored contacts can become a fun and exciting addition to your Cosplay and costume wardrobe. Enjoy!