If you’re in the haunt industry – actually, if you’re even on this website reading this blog right now – you know about Transworld. There’s just nothing else like it. It’s the world’s biggest halloween and attractions trade show, featuring countless exhibitors, numerous industry related products and a burgeoning marketplace full of the most creepy, fun, gorey and downright scary materials you’ve ever seen.

Today, let’s take a look at Transworld and the facets that make it so great, and stick around until the end of the blog for a special Mask-R-Aid announcement!


As the world’s biggest halloween and attractions trade show, Transworld serves the entire industry by providing all the materials a business needs to make it’s season a success, and all the materials a consumer needs to have an absolutely terrifying good time this halloween. Booths, costumes, supplies, gear and inspiration line the halls to keep the haunted attraction industry spinning! This year’s Transworld Halloween and Attractions show runs March 21-24, 2019 at the America’s Center in downtown St. Louis, Missouri.


Transworld just sets you up for success – no matter who you are! The show provides ample opportunity for all attendees to network, gather ideas and purchase products. Find the hidden gems that make your haunt run smoother (like Mask-R-Aid) and make your Halloween all the more scary – all in one place!

Transworld is also hugely educational. Those interested in starting their own haunt, their own escape room, learning how to scare better – all the information they need to can be found at Transworld. It’s such a large gathering place of so many diverse businesses, people and ideas, that guests are sure to find what they need.

Don’t believe us? Check out the video and see for yourself.

People from all over come to visit and see the sights at Transworld. The massive displays, the life-like costumes and the new and exciting products bring a wide and diverse range of people, traveling from far and wide to attend. It’s never been easier to build out an escape business, a haunted house, a corn maze or even that dream costume you’ve been wanting to cook up for years now. At Transworld the possibilities are endless.

As just one last added bonus, you also don’t want to miss the party on Saturday night! Bring out your latest and greatest costume and celebrate all Transworld has to offer at this year’s Venetian Vampire Ball. Surely, we’ve convinced you by now?


Like we said, the possibilities are endless – and that’s why we’ll be in attendance! That’s right, Mask-R-Aid will be at this year’s famous trade show, and we want to see all our customers’ happy, healthy faces (thanks to our liners, of course). Come see us at booth 510 (and check out the full floor map here) any time – and if you’re new, you’re invited as well! Mask-R-Aid is really something you have to feel to truly understand, and what better time to do it than at the Halloween industry’s own version of Christmas?

Want to feel the difference Mask-R-Aid makes right now? You can always make a purchase here.