Install Mask Liner

  • With your mask face down, position the Mask-R-Aid mask liner in place with the adhesive side toward the inside of the mask.

  • Remove the tape from the adhesive and lightly manipulate it into place starting at the center (nose bridge) of the liner and working your way out. At this point, the liner can be carefully pulled up and repositioned as needed.

  • With your Mask-R-Aid mask liner exactly where you want it, begin pressing firmly starting at the center and working your way out. You’ll hear small pops as air is squeezed out from between the liner material, the adhesive and your mask. Your Mask-R-Aid mask liner is now securely in place.

Setting The Straps

  • Place the mask with your newly installed liner on your face.

  • Cross the straps behind your head.

  • Using one hand to hold the overlapped straps in place, remove the small tape covering the 3M adhesive and press the bands firmly together.

  • Alternatively, you can mark the position of the straps and attach them with your mask off of your head.

*If you don’t want to use the straps, cut them off adjacent to the liner.

drawing of mask liner


“This foam insert attaches to the inside of your mask and gives your airflow and comfort. I’ve been incorporating them into our resin faceplates for the last year. Check them out, it’s seriously a great invention – perfect for anybody in the mask industry.” – Immortal Masks

George Frangadakis, Immortal Masks, Owner

“I’ve been looking at masks that I was wanting to buy and they were all just really uncomfortable. Then I came across Mask-R-Aid and it’s night and day difference. The mask was too close to my eyes before I added the insert and I really didn’t like that. The cushion system on the inside is just amazing.” – The Haunted Mortuary

Lance Hook, The Haunted Mortuary - New Orleans, LA

“This little gem is one of my favorites from Transworld. It is so versatile and it helps in a lot of different ways. It works with hard masks and soft masks, it doesn’t absorb sweat – which is huge when you’re using different actors – and it is SO soft. You’ve got to try this.” – Eagle Hollow Haunts

Rebecca, Eagle Hollow Haunts, Owner - Lincoln, NE