On the hunt for your next big Cosplaying build? Not sure whether you want to style your own hair and dye it or go for a wig? We’re here to answer all of your Cosplay related questions and take a look at the pros and cons of a wig VS natural hair. Ready to get started? Let’s roll!


Depends On The Build

I know, we all hate that “depends” answer, but in this case, there is nothing closer to the truth. If you’re going for a character with near-impossible to grow ankle-length hair, then a wig may be your only option. But if it’s a character that happens to have the same type of hair you do, close to the same length and in an easy-to-style sort of look, well a little hair dye and some patience can go a long way!


Cosplay is whatever you want it to be, in most cases, but you also don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb among professionals. There are definite pros and cons to both, but in the end, it’s whatever you’re comfortable wearing and what looks the best for you. If you’re just scared of the idea of dying your hair yellow or purple or something like that, a wig is a good option because it gives you the freedom to do whatever the hell you want without making it so that you have to live with your decision too long.


Wigs for Cosplay: The Pros and Cons

Wigs can be tons of fun because there’s no commitment and you can choose ANY look, ANY time and be fabulous for any and all occasions no matter your hair color. They’re perfect for Cosplay because you can get the six feet of hair you need without having to figure out how to grow your own hair out super long, and the best part? This is hair you don’t have to care for as much as your normal hair!


Wigs are quite the investment, however. They tend to be pretty pricey, but well worth it to Cosplayers who know they will use a wig more than once or twice. If you care for them properly, a wig can last you a lifetime of Cosplaying, even with frequent use.


One of the most important things about incorporating a wig into your Cosplay is making sure you’ve put it on correctly and it’s well-seated on your head. Nobody wants to see your natural hairline peeking under the bangs of your wig, just like nobody wants to watch your hair fly off your head mid event.


There’s a lot of freedom in Cosplay, but when deciding whether you’re going to use your natural hair or a wig, just make sure you do plenty of research ahead of time to make sure you know how everything comes together.


Styling Your Natural Hair: The Pros and Cons

Wigs make life in the world of Cosplay 10,000 times easier for the very reason we’re about to present as a con to going with your natural hair for a Cosplay Build. Are you ready??

….you have to style it yourself! And this can get difficult, especially if you’re not naturally gifted in the hair-styling department. Cosplay brings along with it some pretty intricate and extremely Impressive hair styles, so when you’re not ready to spend the money on a wig, or just prefer the look and feel of natural hair, that means the styling is all up to.


Okay, maybe you’ve decided you’ve got the styling thing down, but. What about length? Color? Volume? Sometimes, trying to turn your own hair into something crazy on TV turns out to be significantly harder than it looks. Or worse: it requires long-term commitment in the ballpark of hair dyes, stains and a good old-fashioned haircut.


Thankfully, there are ways to make your natural hair look more like the character you’re trying to imitate without expensive hair dyes. That’s right! Hair chalk and temporary hair dye is always an option for people who enjoy a little craziness every now and then, but overall tend to be the type not to go too crazy in public. If you work in an office with a picky boss, your boss will probably turn his nose up at you if you walk into the office with bubblegum colored hair. And that’s why with temporary dye, you can live the character for a day, and then return to your “normal self” before anyone knows the difference.


Make Your Costume Flow

It doesn’t matter if you’re dying your hair, going the wig route or even trying out a fancy hair chalk or temporary hair dye, making your character appearance flow and feel real requires paying attention to the little details you might forget about. (And hey, that’s why we’re mentioning them!)


If you dye your hair blonde, make sure you dye your eyebrows, too! Nothing kills a costume look faster than a change in color between your hair and your eyebrows, no matter the combo. If you don’t want to dye your eyebrows, try a little bit of colored mascara. This can sometimes make it blend enough to flow without outright dying them.


This doesn’t necessarily apply to your eyelashes, but it can help with the look and flow. It can add to your character appearance and make it seem more realistic and epic, not to mention completely out of the ordinary and thus perfect for a Cosplay event.  


Remember, when it comes to Cosplay, your imagination is really the only limitation. Whether or not you’re going the natural hair route or the wig route, in the end, the decision needs to be whatever works best for you and your build. Besides, if it weren’t for freedom of imagination and the ability to just wing it when it comes to our costumes, Cosplay wouldn’t be the same. So our advice? Do whatever makes you comfortable and works for you, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!