Working on your next Anime Cosplay build? Not sure where to look for specifically Anime themed cosplay gear? Don’t give up early on the hunt because we’ve brought the best to you. Wigs, accents, accessories…You’ll find everything you need to make the perfect cosplay for the next big anime convention near you. Keep reading for the top online sources for purchasing your Anime Cosplay costume!

best anime costume stores online


When it comes to anime cosplay, only the best will help you to pull of the perfect build. From the costume itself to the perfect wig, all the way to the perfect accents and accessories to help wrap the whole thing up, CosplaySky is an excellent resource for all of your anime cosplay needs.

With a collection that will make even the most experienced Cosplayers gasp, you won’t have trouble finding a costume that works for you. And if you happen to already have your costume, CosplaySky offers perfect accessories, wigs and more. Another great thing about CosplaySky is that their costumes are made with incredible quality and can be worn again and again without breaking down quickly like standard Halloween costumes. So before you give up on your search, we recommend checking it out.

Light In The Box

Looking for Anime Cosplay that’s very “out of the box”? Light in the Box is a perfect destination when it comes to affordable and fun Anime Cosplay. With over a thousand different options, it might seem like it’s a bottomless pit of fun, possible builds for your next event.

Part of what makes Light in the Box different from other online shops for Anime is the prices. While the costumes may not be quite as high-quality as CosplaySky, you’re still getting a pretty incredible deal. Especially because some of the costumes on the website are very worth what you end up spending. This is even more true if you only wear your costumes a handful of times.

Mic Costumes

Known specifically as one of the best online anime costume sellers, Mic offers tons of affordable costumes that last as long as you want to wear them. With relatively fast shipping, helpful service and information about their company as well as cosplay available on the website, it’s no wonder Mic Costumes is one of the favorite online stops for Anime Cosplay. Next time you’re on the hunt for the perfect costume, don’t forget to give it a look!


With one of the most expansive selections of anime and comic cosplay, you’ll not be in want of ideas at XCOOS. Tailor made, XCOOS makes it their mission to ensure 100% satisfaction on the customers end. From incredible customer service to only the best in materials and accessories, XCOOS will quickly become a favorite anime cosplay online retailer.

Pulling off the perfect anime costume is difficult, so finding a good online destination where you know you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for is of the utmost importance. Especially if you’re running behind and need something in a pinch. If this is you, XCOOS is a perfect place to start.


Looking for affordable and stylish Cosplay that’s not cheap looking? Milanoo is the perfect place to stop on your quest to find the perfect anime cosplay for your next big build.

With an extensive list of costumes, if you’re not sure what your next cosplay should be, just take a look through their online catalog for ideas. You can also land $10 off your first order by ordering from Milanoo, so if you’re in the mood for a bargain, (is anyone ever not in the mood for a bargain??) Milanoo has your best interest and is ready to help.

Milanoo can also help you find colored contacts to help achieve that look you can’t get without them. Just don’t forget to consult a specialist before putting anything in your eyes! While colored contacts can be tons of fun, it’s also important to take care of your eyes. After all, you only have the one pair.


Looking for spectacular handcrafter Cosplay for your next event? ProCosplay is a great place to shop for the perfect costume, accessories, wigs and props. Experienced in anime Cosplay, ProCosplay will help you dress to impress the crowd but not go overboard with the budget.

ProCosplay also specializes in awesome wigs that really pull your look together. From styled and curly to straight and crazy, ProCosplay covers all the bases when it comes to the perfect wig, costume and accessories, so rest easy when you’re ready to work on your costume. We’ve got your back.

When it comes to creating the perfect anime cosplay, it can be difficult to know just where and how to go about putting your costume together. There are a lot of intricate pieces that make up a good build. A wig, props, accessories, make-up, the costume itself, which can bring along with it lots of other considerations and even the creation of the costume itself. Cosplayers are artists. And their costume is, in essence, a canvas. What they paint is what the world will see and when the world is watching, it’s easy for us to get nervous and be a little less free to do our own thing.

That’s why when we’re running short on ideas, it can be helpful to have some help in the ideas department. And lots of anime cosplay online retailers give us just that- a website chalked full of ideas and ways to make even the most out-of-reach builds more possible than ever before.

And don’t forget that because you’re the one holding the brush, you get to decide how things work and how your costume is going to turn out. Nobody says you have to get a whole costume/wig and the accessories from one retailer. Feel free to mix it up and throw in different pieces of costumes from all over. Maybe a wig from one retailer and the bottom half of your costume from another. Don’t forget too that places like Amazon and Ebay can be perfect places to look if you’re on a really tight budget. When it comes down to it, just make sure you don’t forget to be creative and have fun. We know that whatever you decide to do and however you do it, it’ll be perfect for you and made just the way you like it. Good luck!