Too late to go crazy with your halloween costume this year? We know life can get in the way and make it difficult to get around to creating that perfect costume. Thankfully though, we’ve put together some fun DIY costumes you can throw together in no time at all and still rock that Halloween party!


The “Beating Around the Bush” Costume


If you’re sick of the question “What are you dressed as?” And want something simple but fun to wear to your next party, try the “beating around the bush” costume idea! It’s super simple and incredibly fun.


A Green T-Shirt

Artificial Leafs/Assorted Greenery



The fun of this costume is that it doesn’t take much work at all! Put on a leaf or mint green T-shirt, then use safety pins or, if you’re feeling adventurous, hot glue some artificial leaves and foliage around the neckline or all over for a more bold look. Then all you need to do is add a pair of headphones!


For the rest of the evening, be sure to ask indirect, vague questions and consider this a perfectly wonderful excuse for keeping those awkward conversations that are so prone to happen when you’re around a group of acquaintances and strangers to an all-time low. You can thank us later.


DIY Ghost Costume Idea


“I’m Ghostwriting my Boo-ography”


Want to add a little “life” or, as the case may be, “lifelessness” into an old favorite halloween costume? Take that old sheet ghost and turn it into a brand new Halloween hit with just a few simple around-the-house items.



An old sheet


A Notebook

A Pencil



For this SPOOKtacular Halloween Party hit, you’ll be cutting holes in an old sheet for a mouth and eyes and adding a notebook and a pen so you’re sure to be different than any other ghost wandering the streets trick or treating this Halloween. Want to try for extra treats? Just let everyone know you’re working your spiny fingers to death finishing your own personal Boo-Ography.


“Pumpkin PI, Anyone?”


Looking for a classically geeky costume that’s still perfect for the Halloween office party? Consider a playful pun for the Holiday wrapped up in a classic t-shirt you can wear with a pair of jeans. What’s better than that? Simple, effective and fun? We’re happy.


An Orange T-shirt

PI Symbol, (Either cut out from black paper or printed out. If you want to get really fancy, you can custom order a T-Shirt.)


Throw on your new orange shirt and if you’re cutting the design out of paper, either safety pin the symbol onto your shirt or glue it depending on how much your orange shirt means to you. After this, you can have fun coming up with jokes and puns to help keep everyone on their toes. After all, you’re going to be the hit of the party.


“I Think My Head Is On Backwards.”


For a fun costume that will set everyone to laughing, get ready to feel very backward…or forward….wait, which way were we supposed to be facing again?


Whatever you would normally wear, but that would be comfortable to wear backwards.

Party Glasses with Eyes


Nothing is more hilarious than arriving at a party backwards! Be the hit of the show by simply turning your clothes backwards and wearing some party glasses with eyes on the back of your head. Guaranteed, you’ll be the talk of the dessert table. Just be careful not to put any cake down your shirt by accident when it should be in your mouth!


“Error 404”


Perhaps one of the easiest costumes to put together, but one of the most fun! Make it even more interesting by having your group of friends dress up as different web browsers. Use your imagination! This costume is perfect for a casual adult costume party.


A white t-shirt

A Black Marker


Throw on your white shirt and write “Error 404” on the front and “Costume Not Found” either on the back or the lower half of the front. So quick and so easy, yet so awesome! Everyone is going to be jealous for your creativity and resourcefulness. Talk about making a costume out of nothing!


“Feeling Adventurous?”


Want to really get people laughing? If you don’t get easily embarrassed and want to be the star of the show, this idea is priceless and it’s the easiest one in the book. Or on the book, for that matter. XD All you need is a little creativity!


Black Face Paint

A Blue Shirt


We told you it was going to be easy! And fun, too. This costume works best if your blue shirt is the same shade or Facebook Costume Ideaclose to that of the Facebook logo, but it won’t matter too much because you’ll give yourself away pretty quickly based on your actions. All you have to do is put on your blue shirt, write “Book” on your forehead, and then go around asking people to like you, telling them you like them, poking them and then “sharing” their current “status” with the others in the room. This is sure to bring lots of laughter and plenty of sweet costume competition!




It’s no secret that Halloween is a great opportunity to show off your own creativity and fun side. Especially when it comes to office parties, house parties and festivals.


If you’re like most of us though, it can be hard to remember to plan a costume that’s both clever and fun before the big day rolls around. But that’s why we wrote this guide just for you. So try one of these six wonderfully awesome Halloween costume ideas that will have the ghost in you ceasing all instances off booing before too long.


Ready to wow everyone at your next Halloween party? Give one of these fantastic ideas a try!