Cosplay conventions are known worldwide for their crazy and awesome costumes. There are people who attend these events for the sole purpose of checking out all the neat costumes!  Are you considering attending a comic or cosplay convention? Not sure what’s out there or what might work best for you? Let’s check out the biggest Cosplay Conventions in the world and find out where you’ll play a character the best.

Anime Expo

Anime Expo is an yearly convention currently held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Anime Expo has grown significantly over the last few years and is currently the largest anime and manga convention in all of North America. It is also the second longest running anime convention as of 1992.Anime Expo has seen very many premiers of shows, movies, and bands and has the incredible ability of bringing stars from all over the US to one particular location.

The most popular large events included in the Anime Expo would be the Masquerade, the Anime Music Video Contest, AX Fashion Show, several concerts and a Battle of the Bands. Most people think of Anime Expo as a 24-hour convention that also offers lots of late-night dancing, tabletop gaming rooms, all night programming, and even some wild open-mic Karaoke in the early morning and late evening! Many if not all of the people attending this event will Cosplay, so if you’re thinking about attending, pick a favorite Manga/Anime character and get to building the perfect Cosplay!


Comic-Con International: San Diego began its journey to stardome in 1970 when a small group of comics, movie, and science fiction fans that includes: Shel Dorf, Ken Krueger, and Richard Alf; came together to form the very first comic book convention in southern California. Originally, Comic-Con was a one-day event. And the purpose at that point was just to raise funds and generate interest for a larger convention that could be put on in the future. The success of this event led to the first full-fledged, three-day Comic-Con which was held August 1–3, 1970, at the U.S. Grant Hotel, with lots of famous guests. A little over 300 attendees packed into the hotel’s basement for this groundbreaking event and enjoyed games, videos, programs and panels. This would be the outline its successors would follow for conventions in the future.

As the years have gone by, Comic-Con has quickly become a sort of role model for the rest of the world in it’s zeal to create spectacular Cosplay and comic events. Comic-Con features comics as well as all other aspects of the popular arts that you’d expect to be included. Things like hands-on workshops, educational and academic programming like Comics Arts Conference; anime and film screenings, games; the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards, which is similar to “The Oscars” in the world of gaming. A Masquerade costume competition complete with prizes and trophies, as well as an autograph area and Portfolio Reviews, which seeks to bring together aspiring artists with large companies that seek their work. In short, there’s nothing like Comic-Con in first person and if you’re willing to give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.


The largest Cosplay event in Germany and one of the largest in the world, Gamescon serves as the perfect platform for the European computer and video game industry. It works to bring together the retail, trade and the media of the industry, providing an ideal setting for the establishment and cultivation of business relationships within that industry. With a division into  one business area and a strictly entertainment area, the concept will attract and appeal to industry leaders and private visitors equally.

If you decide to attend the next Gamescon, you can be sure to expect incredible jaw-dropping indoor as well as outdoor performances, incredible live acts and even the newest highlights from the gaming world. Just think: you’ll be in attendance and one of the crowd when the top industry players present a one-of-a-kind gaming display that is over the charts in creativity and awesomeness.

PAX West/East

It was early 2004 when the people at Penny Arcade made the decision that they wanted a show where the goal was to exclusively celebrate the gaming and game culture. There were conventions for everything else, right? This is when PAX was born, and when the show went on and exactly 1337 people pre-registered for the very Pax event, (then called Pax Prime) the guys at Penny Arcade knew they’d been onto something.

Setting it’s roots and getting started in Meydenbauer, PAX nearly doubled in size every year until it hit the venue capacities. Partnering with Reed Exhibitions brought the possibility of bringing PAX to other cities around the world like Boston, San Antonio, and even Melbourne, Australia.

PAX has evolved over the years, but won’t ever stop embracing the very cutting edge of technology at every event. Things like VR Freeplay makes Pax that much more an incredible event that shouldn’t be missed. With plenty of Freeplay, Tournaments, Enforcers, Expo Hall, Concerts, Panels, and the Omegathon, you’ll forget what planet your on while you enjoy being with a lot of other gaming nerds who feel the same way you do, and have the time of your life in a little over 72 hours of awesome.

Long story short though, no matter what kind of platform or genre your into, your sure to find a place to fit in at PAX. And it’ll be a wild and sensational ride you’ll never forget.


If you’re into anime, manga and comics, Sakura Con is going to be a wild event you won’t want to miss. Presented by the Asia Northwest Cultural Education Association, Sakura-Con will be the oldest and most well attended anime convention in existence in the Pacific Northwest. Member attendance for Sakura-Con 2016 was over 23,000, with most in attendance staying all three days to join in on the fun!

Sakura-Con typically offers it’s guests plenty of fun from anime game shows, anime music video contests, art shows, artist alley, dances/raves, collectible card gaming, cosplay chess, cosplay contests, exhibitors hall, fashion shows, Japanese cultural arts and presentations (aikido demonstrations, kabuki performances, kendama play, kendo swordsmanship, taiko drumming, and tea ceremonies), Japanese pop and rock concerts, karaoke, a masquerade ball, panels, tabletop RPG gaming, video gaming (arcade, console, PC), and 24-hour video theaters.

The charity that is collected through this event has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Make a Wish Foundation and even Tsunami Relief one year. They’re also done a blood drive.

Sakura-Con was formed thanks to the people within the local science fiction convention community. The anime fans within this group decided that there was not nearly enough anime content being represented at conventions such as Norwescon, so they hatched a plan for an anime convention in a Tacoma, Washington comic book shop. And thus Sakura-Con was born.

If you’re into Anime, this is certainly an event you won’t want to miss.

With all of the crazy-awesome comic and anime Cosplay events around the world, there will be no shortage of fun for those who can’t get enough Cosplay. And with events all over the world, you’re sure to find one close enough to be able to get to it without too much trouble. Just remember to soak it all up, because these events only come around once a year.